Indonesian 212 peaceful protest into Friday prayers largest in the history

Public Agency of Statistics announced that Saudi pilgrims counting has ended on Sunday (09/11/2016). The Board has noted the number of pilgrims around the world this year reached 1,862,909 people. Of the many pilgrims, carrying 1,325,372 people are pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia and the rest of the pilgrims from Saudi Arabia.

Protest Islamic Bela II is a spectacular rally that according to the calculations Google Earth reached 2,000,000 participants in the action. But today, the rally participants in Islamic Bela III or better known as action 212, a record number of participants is many-fold. At 08:00 am, the monument was not able to accommodate the number of participants. The participants from various parts of Jakarta continued to flock, flock meet Monas area to overflow to the many roads radiating in all directions. Jalan Budi Glory, Senen, Pasar Baru, Thamrin, all participants filled, so it is not an exaggeration if the number of participants of the action this afternoon 212 translucent 4,000,000 people and growing