How to dress your table for Christmas

When the mob turns up for Christmas lunch, make sure there’s enough space around the table so they don’t have to eat off their laps. This table is easy to make and not only packs away, but at 2100mm long and 890mm wide there is plenty of room for eight people, 10 at a pinch. The single leg at each end means there’s more room underneath with less chance of discovering the legs with your knees. And if you have car roof racks, it’s even easy to transport.

Once you’ve made your table, dress it up! Add colour from your garden (here, hot-pink bougainvillea and kalanchoe), then pair with colourful bonbons.

Pretty in pink! Spruce up disposable wooden cutlery by dyeing it with red food colouring, then display in glass jars on the table ready for mealtime.

This trestle table is made of clear pine so it’s not meant to be left outside indefinitely, but by coating the legs and top you will be able to get many years of use out of it. If your guest-list expands at the last minute, this is a quick and easy project to knock together the weekend before.