amazing !!! Woman Tricks Husband With this Photoshop trick and look at the result

Photoshop is possibly one of the greatest things to be introduced in this world. The pranks you can play are endless and, if you're lonely, going nowhere in life and are completely dissatisfied with your existence, you can digitally edit yourself onto a beach in Ibiza so people think you're the dog's bollocks.
This woman decided she'd use Photoshop to seriously piss off her husband, making him think that she'd taken in a wild coyote.
Kayla Eby, from Oregon, must have had some time on her hands when she messaged her hubby, Justin, a picture of the canine and called it a 'cute dog' before she created a picture of it sat on a sofa next to their son.
Credit: Kayla Eby
Kayla uploaded the messages to Facebook and rightly so, because the screenshots have now amassed more than 79,000 shares since last night.
I wish my Photoshop skills were this good. I could then convince my girlfriend I've bought myself an iguana. She fucking hates iguanas